Monday, November 18, 2019

Instruction set Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Instruction set - Essay Example The task can be done by the car owner and the task is quite inexpensive. Steps Step1 Parts Required for Oil Change Figure1 Before changing the engine’s oil, ensure that all the tools and equipments needed are at the spot. The most essential of these are the wrench along with a container to carry your old engine oil, an oil container that is full of unused oil and an oil filter. Special care needs to be taken if the engine oil of a heated up engine is being changed. Step2 Oil Pan and Drain Plug Figure2 Before replacing the old engine oil with the new one, ensure that the car’s bonnet is open and then you are required to unlock the cap of the oil filler which is located on the top side of your car’s engine. This process will assist in making the old oil drain simpler as it allows air to flow inside the crankcase drain. The drain plug is located on the bottom region of the pan that carries oil, unplug the drain plug. Catching the oil may become quite difficult due t o the angle at which it drains. To ensure that the oil does not ruin your garage or public property; place a cloth or a newspaper on the floor just beneath your car’ oil pan. Step3 Unplugging the Drain Plug Figure3 Use the wrench to loosen the tightness of the drain plug by moving the wrench in counter-clockwise manner. Certain time the bolt is quite tight which normally a rare incident is. If the bolt is quite tight, you might require an extension to open up the bolt. A pipe segment is a good extension that may become quite handful in opening up the bolt. While removing the plug, one should even remove or substitute the old drain plug gasket with a new one. Ensure that the plug does not end up falling in the used oil container as relocating the plug from the re-used oil container might become quite a difficult task. If by mistake, the plug is dropped inside the pan, it can be relocated through the use of a magnet or you can even use a funnel while to drain the oil and take o ut the plug out of the funnel. Step4 Filter Element or Funnel Figure4 In certain cars such as the BMW and the Mercedes the oil filter is not of spin on type, instead the oil filter is of filter element in nature. In these cases, you need to just unlock the reservoir which is built inside and take out the element from inside the reservoir. Step5 Oil Filter Assembly Figure5 The most difficult part of the entire oil changing process is locating the filter assembly. There is no standard location of the filter; filter location varies form car to car. Certain filters are located on the right side of the engine, others on the left and certain are located on the bottom region. To correctly locate the filter, you should look for something similar to the shape of the new filter you have purchased. The moment you are able to locate the filter, simply remove it apart form your car’s engine. Unplugging the filter can be a difficult task, start by twisting the filter in a slow and steady m anner to make the filter spin. If the filter is too tight to be removed with bare hands, then you can use a filter wrench to extract the filter. The oil filter even contains ample amount of oil, so placement of an oil container is highly advisable. While removing the filter, one has to ensure that the part of the filter which is recognized as rubber gasket is even removed otherwise the new filter would not fit properly and the oil will

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